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A wholistic view  


Students' Safety, Satisfaction, and Happiness is critical for educational performance. Their growth & learning is directly proportional to it.

Many educational leaders try their best to establish safety and happiness within the College & Schoool but they tend to lose the benefits of the same since they lack a clear way to measure and improve it.

The LifeOfStudent Index applies the power of analytics to existing efforts.

Business Consultation



LOE provides leaders with a detailed picture of their student's safety and happiness standards. With over 250 data categories, LOE sets standards for your organization to improve continously.


The gaps and improvement areas shown by LOE will be enhanced through our proven templates (action points). Leaders can use the templates directly or modify it as per their oranization.

Enhanced performance

LOE and the action items help the leaders to make students feel Safer and Happier. 

Relating LOE to performance numbers will help leaders to analyse the impact.

Action items(Jadoos)

Cont.. improvment

The process

LOS Evaluation

Anonymous login to participate in the evaluation for studnets. Part Questionnaire, Part Automated.

Across 8+ pillars, 4 types and 6 factors for each type. A dashboard is provided to the Leaders for a wholistic view.

Proven template of action items are suggested to the leaders.

Leaders can modify the templated based on organization vision & plan of action. 

LOS evaluation is conducted once quarterly or half-yearly as per the organization's needs.  Jadoo's are intended to help improve LOS score.

A correlation between LOS and performance will be done once a year.

Want to know how LOE will help your organization?


Major considerations



Collaboration , Class Psychological Safety, Happiness, Study at Home , Burn out , Digital Safety, wellness etc.

Travel, Emergency, Mental health, community index.

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